Responsibility. Recycle. Replenish.


We work closely with our partners - manufacturers assessed by the amfori BSCI code of conduct that meet their labour principles for ethical business behaviour, fair renumeration, no discrimination, no child labour, decent working hours and occupational health & safety.

Our bags are made in Bangladesh, at a factory established by seven former Rana Plaza workers - survivors of the deadly Rana Plaza disaster, the eight-storey commercial building which collapsed in 24 April 2013, killing 1,136 people. Two months after the collapse, on 24 June 2013, a new kind of factory was created, with the help of labour activists.
This BSCI compliant factory now employs 240 makers and is a worker-owned factory where makers receive Fair Trade wages and a share of profits. All workers at the factory earn renumeration equivalent to 17.5 months in 12 months.
Our Madagascar range and pins are made in India by a small family business of artisans - the embroidered and beaded brooches are hand made.
Our socks are made on knitting machines in Seoul at a third generation, family-owned sock factory.

Our recycled velvet make-up bags are made in China at a factory that specialises in recycled materials and sustainable practices. All products made by this manufacturer, using recycled materials, are certified by Global Recycled Standard.  This includes criteria for social and environmental processing requirements and chemical restrictions.


As responsible creators, we are moving towards using more recycled materials. Our velvet make-up bags, exterior and linings and is made from recycled polyester (rPet), a material made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyurethane. We use recycled cotton in our leopard print bags.


When you’ve finished with your well loved Sixton London bag, socks or jewellery, return them to us to be recycled or reused.  You’ll receive 15% off your next order and we’ll refund the cost of postage. We work with Royal Trinity Hospice retail to either give a second life to your pre-loved accessories or the textiles are recycled info new fibres. Please contact for more details.              


We  donate end of line stock and samples to Royal Trinity Hospice to supply their retail stores. To date, we have raised £33,264 (as of July 2023). This funding is used to help provide a vital service within the local area. Last year they cared for 2,550 people at the hospice and out in the community, in patients' homes and care